“It 2”: new details of the sequel

The film will be even longer than the previous part

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"Оно 2": появились подробности сиквела

Frame from the movie “It”

Recently, the Warner Bros. Pictures pleased fans of Stephen king and published the final trailer of the horror, “It 2”.

Note that the first part came out in 2017 and lasted little more than two hours – and according to Andres, Moscetti, the Director of the film, the sequel will be even longer, writes digitalspy.com.

The timing of the grown-up adventures of the Losers ‘ Club is 2 hours 45 minutes, which is still half an hour more than the first part. However, test screenings were successful and the audience was pleased with what he saw – claims about the duration of the film was not.

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“The film is in the script writing and creation of stories is very different from what it will be in the end. In the beginning, when only writing a story, everything written seems to be very important. But when the painting is completed and the final erection lasts more than four hours it becomes clear that some of the scenes can be discarded without causing damage to the main story. You cannot remove a four-hour film, as the audience will be uncomfortable, so we stopped for the duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes and a good pace,” he said Mosketti about the film.

However, the clipped content still has a chance to be seen: according to the film’s producer, Barbara Moccetti, the movie will appear uncut version:

Recall that the network has a new batch of photos from the filming of “It 2”.

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