It became known as the drink may protect against cancer

Стало известно, какой напиток может защитить от рака

Scientists from Japan, working in molecular biology, came to the conclusion that coffee “kills” cancer cells.

The researchers noted that coffee beans contain substances that slow the growth of some were thought to be “invulnerable” types of prostate cancer, writes the with reference to

If this is confirmed in the future, soon scientists will be able to create a new cure for cancer. At least until it is known that coffee lovers are almost 11% less likely are the victims of such tumours, compared to other men who do not consume it.

During the study, researchers selected the 6 most active compounds from the extract of coffee, and then followed whether different combinations of these molecules to halt the growth of different types of malignant tumors.

The results of the experiment showed that cafestol and kahweol contained in the coffee beans have powerful anti-cancer properties. It is their combination inhibited the growth of the “invulnerable” types of prostate cancer is approximately two times.

These compounds destroyed all the cells less resistant types of tumors literally in the first days after the start of observations.

Scientists worldwide are trying to find a cure for cancer. The specialists found a new treatment that kills the disease in seconds. In addition, doctors called accidental causes of cancer.


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