It became known as to get rid of edema in the morning

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Fitness coach Anita Lutsenko told how to get rid of edema in the morning.

Not too nice to get up in the morning and see the reflection in the mirror swollen face. What you need to do to get rid of edema quickly and without any harm, said in his Instagram famous Ukrainian coach Anita Lutsenko, reports the with reference for Today.

First, Anita advises to establish the drinking regime during the day, drinking five glasses of the cool water.

If you have swelling in the morning upon waking, then drink the water later than 2-3 hours before bedtime, says the athlete. In addition, pay attention to how much salt you eat and see if you have shortage of clean water during the day.⠀And if you train, the more sweat, the more you drink in small SIPS.

“Water not less carefully, than care about polit favorite colors,” he advised subscribers Lutsenko.


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