It became known how many people were injured in Kiev because of the hurricane

Стало известно, сколько человек пострадало в Киеве из-за урагана

Rescuers worked on liquidation of consequences of bad weather.

Because of the huge hurricane that visited Kiev at a party, all in the capital turned on its head. Powerful winds knocked down dozens of trees, tore roofs off houses and, unfortunately, the most injured people, reports the with reference to the Informant.

For the past day, March 11, according to the service “103”, during bad weather in Kyiv was injured 4 people, including two children. Of which, 1 man received cuts glass, 1 adult and two children were injured by falling trees.

Rescue units traveled 30 times to assist the population of the city associated with deterioration of weather conditions. 16 of which for cleaning of fallen trees, 10 times to clean the hanging elements of the roof, 2 times on a fallen stop and once for a cleaning electrosupport, fastening the banner. Just to eliminate the consequences of bad weather in the capital was attracted 31 vehicles and 143 personnel.


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