It became known how much employees receive in Ukrainian supermarkets

Стало известно, сколько получают работники в украинских супермаркетах

In the most popular supermarkets workers receive the minimum wageAt the State Fiscal service has published data on salaries, which are paid in the Ukrainian supermarkets. Data released by the Office of large taxpayers of the SFS, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

The representatives of the Office reminded Ukrainians that the country continues dripping inspections of businesses on the subject of wages in envelopes and illegal employment of workers.

They noted that the average wage in the industry is 9.5 thousand. But she admitted that in Ukraine there are outsiders and published an infographic on salaries in major supermarkets of Ukraine.

“Food retail is one of the most actively developing. The average salary for the sector is 9.5 thousand. However, there are outsiders. According to the results of the analysis among the retailers that are maintained in the Office of large payers, we found paying a minimum salary of 3-4 thousand hryvnia per month”, – is told in the message.

It was found that the low wages of the employees of the network “EKO” – they receive an average of 3.6 per thousand. The network of Furshet pays its employee a little more than 3.7 thousand hryvnia per month.

More than four thousand UAH receive in three supermarket chains. In “Varus” and “Tavriya V, Kosmos” staff gets 4.1 thousand hryvnia, and the top five “Great Kyshenya”, which pays its employees 4.4 thousand hryvnia per month.

Стало известно, сколько получают работники в украинских супермаркетах

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