It became known, what is often lying beloved

Стало известно, о чем чаще всего врут возлюбленные

The list includes such concepts as “false”, “romantic desire” and “betrayal of trust”.

At Columbia business school conducted an investigation entitled “the Experience of keeping secrets,” writes the with reference to

The study researchers found that, on average, to 13 couples keep secrets at the same time.

After the experts have combined the results of 10 different studies, they found, what are the most common secrets men hide from their better halves.

It is worth noting that the first place takes imagination and thoughts of one of the partners about other people.

In second place was the sexual behavior.

In addition, the study showed that keeping secrets can have very negative implications for the mental health of human beings (and their relationships).

It is known that those who hide something, spend twice more time meditating, suffering, worrying and focusing on the secrets. That is, they are obsessed with them.


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