It became known, what model car more than protects other drivers in case of accident

Стало известно, какая модель авто больше других защищает водителей при ДТП

The pickups are safer than other cars.According to the U.S. insurers, the pickups are at the greatest risk in case of accident suffered by passengers, not drivers, reports the with reference to

In the study, experts conducted crash tests of 11 models of pick-UPS with mannequins inside, fixing the consequences of a collision at speeds of 64 km/h. In some models the safety of passengers was much worse than the driver.

The highest number of points scored Ford F-150, which took first place in the rating of the security. Cushion Airbag and the straps are clearly fulfilled in the bundle and panel from the collision shifted by about 13 cm All mannequins in the cabin remained intact without any damage.

Next on the list are models of pickups the Nissan Titan and RAM 1500, which provide safety at the same level. A rating of “acceptable” rated the Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgelin.

The Chevrolet Colorado and Silverado 1500, the level of safety of passengers “on the limit”, while for drivers was a good level of protection. The same is true for models of the Nissan Frontier, GMC Canyon and Sierra 1500.

The worst safety record was the Toyota Tundra. Crash test dummy-the passenger hit his head on the handle, which is placed on the rack in the front.

The panel in the cabin is moved along with the floor by as much as 38 cm!


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