It became known when 4G will appear in the Kiev subway

Стало известно, когда 4G появится в киевском метро

4G launched in Ukraine at the end of March 2018.The leading mobile operators of Ukraine lifecell, Vodafone and Kyivstar announced when we can expect the emergence of 4G technology in the Kyiv subway, writes the online edition of the with reference to

4G launched in Ukraine at the end of March 2018.

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July 1 4G band in Ukraine has significantly expanded, but today the high-speed Internet access is not available in all regions of the country.

And, even in the capital, 4G but not everywhere.

Software developer Yuri the Driver noticed that the leading Ukrainian mobile operators are losing a lot of profit just because of the fact that there is no 4G in the subway.

According to my calculations, lifecell, Vodafone and Kyivstar Ukraine lose approximately 10 billion hryvnia per year only because in the subway there is no 4G. Videos, podcasts, games – all of it while you are on the road and usually almost completely do not need when you are already in place and doing their daily business, – the expert noted.

The representatives of mobile operators reacted to this remark.

In “Kyivstar” has explained that the 4G network will be built by contractor for all operators, however, about the timing of such works is not remembered.

“4.5 G in the metro operator lifecell is planned in the future. The launch date, unfortunately, no. But we will try to please their subscribers the good news as soon as possible” – a similar response was different in lifecell.

The company Vodafone Ukraine also said that 4G in the subway will be required, but the information on the launch date yet.

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