It became known who the characters “Ostannyoho Muscovite” will appear in the “Great Vuiko”

Yuriy Gorbunov will combine on the set of two posts

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Стало известно, кто из героев "Останнього москаля" появится в "Великих Вуйках"

“Velik Vuyki” / press service

Shooting of Ukrainian Comedy “Velik Vuyki” – continuation of the cult TV series “Latest Moskal”in which some of the favorite and new characters will be in the new circumstances, are in full swing.

Watch an interview with one of the main roles in the television series “Santa Barbara”:

In the story, the initiative group of inhabitants of the Great Wujek will go to Kiev in order to achieve the construction of a road to their village. So, a delegation headed by the Chairman of the village, played by Vladimir Goryansky. With him to conquer Kiev to Ivan Petruk (Yuri Gorbunov), his brother, Bodo (Vladimir Nikolaenko) and “rural Bender” Shtefko (Nazar Zadneprovsky).

Стало известно, кто из героев "Останнього москаля" появится в "Великих Вуйках"

Velik vuyki / press service

These four Hutsul Musketeers will do everything to return home with a victory, but do not even know what adventures await them in the big city. To protect them from temptations, and at the same time and have a little fun together with vuykami in the capital decides to go and Bodo wife, Maria, played by Natalia Koretskaya and bride Stefka – store Irka performed by Lily rebryk.

Note, in the story of a 16-episode Comedy for the first time in the history of the village to the village I want to pave the way. But corrupt officials from the area gives up the right to build a road in a neighboring Small Vuyki. Fearing the outflow of young cadres, and eventually the extinction of the village, the Chairman of the initiative group gathers and goes to Kiev to address issues of road directly. Risky financial adventures, talent shows and even fights without rules – vuyki will discover the unknown world of the big city, conquered the capital of Ukraine and will do anything to achieve a goal. Who will play new characters, which vuyki will meet in the capital, will be known soon.

Стало известно, кто из героев "Останнього москаля" появится в "Великих Вуйках"

Vladimir Goryansky / press service

The production deals with the project “1+1 Production”. The producers of the project – Alena Eremeeva, Darina Zhukova, Kristina Skabar, creative producers – Yury Gorbunov, Julia Bow, Executive producer Artyom Stetsenko, chief author, Nikolai Kozik, the writers Jaroslav examples walls, Bogdan Hallak, Alexey Prikhodko. The producer of the new Comedy began Mitya Shmurak, Director of photography – Dmitry Manifesto. Art Director, Andrei, Baranenko, makeup artist and costume designer – Alexandra Kosel-Potatuev.

Earlier, the Ukrainian actress (“servant of the people”, “Latest Muscovite”) and singer Galina armless in exclusive interview “Today” told about the decision to move to Moscow, the wedding with a colleague on the series and about his position.

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