It became known why he was fighting former members of the band One Direction

Стало известно, почему поссорились бывшие участники группы One Direction

Louis Tomlinson seriously offended by Zayn Malik.

In 2016, Louis Tomlison reported that his mother died from leukemia. For a musician it was a big blow, but he found the strength and appeared on the show X Factor with the song Just Hold On, devoted mother, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Support Louis came all the former members of the band One Direction, except Zayn Malik. This, according to Tomlinson, has worsened their already strained relationship.

Louis Tomlinson took part in a podcast “Interview with Dan Wootton” and spoke in detail about why I stopped friendships with Zane Malik. “The truth is, they never become better. After I lost mom, we phoned, and they all agreed to come to my show. But he did not, and it really upset me,” admitted Louis.

According to him, that night he saw Niall, Harry and Liam, and that’s all he wanted then – and their support. Tomlinson expressed the hope that Malik is all right, but didn’t want to talk about it.

After his mother’s death, the musician had to take responsibility for the whole family. “Because I’m the oldest, I carry more responsibilities, but it makes me move forward, really helps me to be more decisive and to go through all the tests,” said Tomlinson.

As for the long-awaited reunion of One Direction, Louis believes that this is unlikely to happen. Now each participant is working on a solo career, Harry styles and is doing his own sitcom on television. However, if such an opportunity appears, then, according to Tomlinson, he “will be the first one to sign it.”


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