It bodes poorly in Florida

Ça augure mal en Floride

The Impact will take the path of Orlando in a week to conclude its preparation for the tournament of the resumption of Major League Soccer that will get underway on July 8.

But as the departure approaches, the situation is deteriorating in the southern State of the United States, where there has been a explosion in the event of a COVID-19 in the last few days.

We reached a record with more than 4000 new infections in a single day last weekend.

The team from Orlando in the national women’s League has withdrawn from the tournament back in the league, in Utah, because of cases within the club.


The NBA intends to finish the season with matches behind closed doors in the facilities of Disney in Orlando, as will the MLS.

However, there is more concern surrounding the recovery of the activities of the circuit of basketball and these originate as of the direction of the league, teams and players.

At the same time, the Tampa Bay Lightning has closed its facilities, as well as teams in major league baseball, including Toronto and Philadelphia.

Therefore, one may wonder what will happen with the tournament of the MLS even if one intends to put players in a bubble. In a figurative sense of course.


We already know that MLS is committed to do tests regularly. In fact, the Impact players are tested three times per week.

They will take a placement test prior to their departure from Florida and arrival in Orlando and all of the employees will be tested two times per week, once in Florida.

In the case of the NBA, there is concern that the facility employees of Disney are not tested on a regular basis, who can go home every day.

That said, according to the president of the Atlanta United FC, Darren Eales, there is no need to be worried.

“Employees of Disney are all practicing social distancing and will wear protective equipment. All of this will take place according to a scenario that is considered sufficient by the medical expert “, he told the colleague Jonathan Tannenwald, of the Philadelphia Enquirer.


The players ‘ side of the Impact, it relies on the leaders of the league.

“We trust in the MLS and procedures of health put in place for our safety. “said the back Karifa Yao after training on Monday.

Amar Sejdic resumed the same discourse, even if it is still exercise some caution.

“I think the league is going to change the health of the players first. With this happening, I believe that everything will be okay for the moment. But we will see how things will develop over coming weeks. “


Beyond these considerations, is it ethical to present a tournament, even if it is in a vacuum, in a State that is becoming the main focus of infection ?

What’s more, the governor Ron De Santis is rather lax in his handling of the situation.

“It must be done on a voluntary basis because the Constitution is not suspended just because there was a virus, he said at a press conference last week. You have the right to protest, to attend places of worship and all these other things. “

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