“It can’t just be a film”: Artus (“A Little Something Extra”) wants to create a holiday center for disabled people

“It can’t just be a film”: Artus (“A Little Something Extra”) wants to create a holiday center for disabled people

“Un petit truc en plus”, le long métrage d’Artus tourné avec des acteurs handicapés et valides Copyright 2024 Cine Nomine

Artus, the comedian and director of the film A Little Something Extra announced in an interview with Le Parisien this Wednesday, July 3, that he wanted to create high-quality holiday villages for people with disabilities. Building on the success of the feature film, he wishes with this new project "to help change mentalities a little".

Interviewed with some of the film's actors by Le Parisien, Artus announced that he wanted to open " a Club Med for people with disabilities". If the project is only a sketch for the moment, the comedian is thinking of opening two holiday villages, one by the sea, one in the mountains, named "A little something extra". He dreams of a five-star hotel "not because& rsquo;there are disabled people in it so the place has to be gloomy". Next step ? "We're going to raise funds" assures Artus.

A project inspired by the film

A little something extra, this is the title of the feature film directed by Artus released in theaters on the 1st  last May. "A film with disabled people, not about disabled people", he assures the Parisien< /em>. We follow two robbers (Artus and Clovis Cornillac), who try to escape the police and find themselves integrated into a summer camp for disabled people. A feel-good comedy which features disabled and able-bodied actors, and which is enjoying increasing success.

Enjoy the success of "A little something extra"

If this project sees the light of day, it will be largely thanks to the phenomenal success of the feature film. A little something extra already has 8.5 million entries, almost double compared to Dune 2 by Denis Villeneuve, as specified by BFMTV. This week it rises to the rank of 29th biggest success in French cinema, just ahead of The Fifth Element and La Famille Bélier< /em>. With one objective: the bar of 10 million admissions, surpassed by a French film since What have we done to the good God ? in 2014.

Building on this success, Artus had already predicted in an Instagram story: "Thanks to the success of the film, it can't be that a movie. We are not immune to the fact that there are some great projects happening for the world of disability, and for structures and all that". A 12-minute bonus making-off has already been added to the credits, and a documentary on the making of the film is in preparation for 2025. This new project is therefore a continuation of the popularity of the film, by making& nbsp;of the lodge in which the story takes place a reality.

Other initiatives in France

This will not be the first initiative of this kind in the region, as Ouest France reminds us. Holiday centers fully adapted to people with disabilities already exist, such as 'Bobos à la Ferme', an old farm in Pas-de-Calais transformed into gîtes by Elodie and Louis Dransart. The place offers respite stays to sick or disabled people as well as their caregivers. Several other structures are listed and labeled "Tourism and Disability" by the government.

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