It continues with a fourth heat wave

Ça se poursuit avec une quatrième canicule

The month of July has barely gotten started that we can already speak of a summer season 2020 non-standard, since it would add to his record its fourth heat wave, starting today.

“Usually, there are two or three per summer. This is not even exceptional, but it is already up to 14 days up to 30 °C, not to mention what comes next, says Antoine Petit, a meteorologist at Environment Canada. It was already a very hot summer. Remains to be seen if it will maintain. “

More than 40 °C felt

In the greater Montreal area and in the extreme south of the Ottawa river, a new heat wave is expected to last from today to Friday, with at least 30 °C every day. In addition, the thermometer does not descend below 20 °C at night.

There is also a slight chance of showers that night. It will be ” very wet “, says Dr. Small.

The mercury could reach highs of 33 °to 35 ° C on Thursday and Friday, while the humidex exceeds 40 °C.

“When it is hot and sunny, people want to be in the water,” says Raynald Hawkins, of the lifesaving Society. And the majority of deaths related to the water are preventable. “

“I understand that it is binding, but if one wants to cool off, it should go in a plan box “, he insists.

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