“It could have been worse”

“Çcould have been worse»


Thus, the opening of the REM will be postponed for a year and the final cost of the project has jumped again, far exceeding seven billions of dollars originally envisaged.

Reaction from the Caisse de dépôt, who is behind the project?

“It could have been worse…”

Not “It could have been better”, no.

“It could have been worse…”

I propose that this phrase become the new motto of Quebec.



It will appear on all license plates in Quebec.

Wherever we look wear it, we'll see.

“It could have been worse!” 

Don't you think that sums up Quebec perfectly?

We greeted with a “Bonjour-Hi” in Montreal businesses?

It could have been worse, we could be greeted in English only!

Justin Trudeau refuses to give us full powers over immigration?

It could have been worse, the federal could control everything!

«Çit could have been worse”

“Çcould have been worse”

The roads are in a terrible state?

It could have been worse, we could have no road at all!

Half of high school students have difficulty reading and understanding a simple text?

It could have been worse, 75% of the students could have sunk!


At instead of aiming higher, we'll just settle for not being more mediocre…

We're going to celebrate getting a C, thinking we could have gotten a D.

Quebec is one of the poorest provinces in the country?

It could have been worse, we could be the poorest!

The art of turning bad news into good.

With “It Could Have Been Worse” , everything becomes good! Correct! Fair!

Ten percent of CHSLD residents died during the pandemic?

The average wait time in emergency rooms is 17 hours?

You have to wait at least a year to see a shrink in Quebec?

Tell yourself that you are lucky! Privileged!

Because it could have been worse! 

Much worse!

Quick, let's get out the wine and the sandwiches, no crusts, we're going to celebrate that!


Instead of comparing yourself with the best (which, in the long run, could be hard on morale ), we will compare ourselves with the worst!

Every time we come across bad news, we will say to ourselves: “Bof, we could be in Ukraine! In Syria! In Sudan!”

Drop us with the Scandinavian countries!

We are comparing our education system with that of North Korea!

And our health system to that of Bangladesh!

When you compare yourself with the bottom of the class, you are never disappointed! Every day is a beautiful day! And every defeat is a victory!

“Mom, mum, I got 55% in maths!

— Oh my God, I'm happy! Your cousin got 47%!”

With “It could have been worse” as a motto, life is good!

Canadians treat us as racists ?

It could have been worse, they could also say that we are ugly!  

Quebecers are born for a small bread?

So what? We could be born without bread! 

Vive le Québec!  

“Çcould have been worse”