“It could only happen to me now”: Rihanna ready for her big Super Bowl comeback

“Çc”could only happen to me now”: Rihanna ready for his big comeback at the Super Bowl


PHOENIX | Pop music icon Rihanna has long resisted the appeal of the popular Super Bowl halftime show. Absent from the stage since 2016 and a new mother, the singer will finally take up the challenge on Sunday and the details of this great comeback have remained hidden. 

The traditional press conference for performing artists at the Super Bowl was held in Phoenix, Arizona. Usually, singers make a point of promising grand artifices and memorable moments. 

Rihanna, who saw her first boy born last May, opted for discretion instead. < /p>

“I promise myself to have fun at this show, at the Super Bowl,” she soberly indicated in anticipation of her expected performance on Sunday evening, in front of some 72,000 people at State Farm Stadium and more than 200 million viewers. around the world. 

The singer, businesswoman and actress did not look drawn despite the workload, the stress of the return and the attention turned to her. Maybe it's the magic of her Fenty makeup line, launched in 2017… 

“But I haven't slept a wink. We were at the stadium all night fine-tuning everything. We've been working on this for a while and we're getting closer to a finished product,” explained the pride of Barbados. 

No questions&nbsp ;

Since the release of her album Anti in 2016, Rihanna has not embarked on a tour and it is rumored that this half-time performance is a prelude to a return to the stage in 2023.  

Impossible to know more about her plans or the details of what she is concocting for the Super Bowl, since the journalists were not authorized to ask questions. 

This conference rather took the form of a discussion with moderator Nadeska Alexis, from Apple Music. Nothing has therefore filtered through on potential special guests or the songs that will appear in the repertoire. 

“Le setlist is the biggest challenge. You have to put 17 years of work into a 13-minute show. There are difficult choices and we have done a good job at this level”, she underlined, mentioning that 300 to 400 people are currently working on this performance. 

Change of heading 

In 2019, the NFL approached Rihanna to star at the halftime show. The artist had declined the invitation because she was protesting the treatment of quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who spoke out against social injustices. 

The one who recorded 14 songs that reached the top of the charts and who won nine Grammys did not discuss this episode. 

“It could only happen to me now in my life. When I got the call (from the NFL), I wondered. It was three months after I gave birth. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world. I thought it was important for me to do it this year, so that my son could see that,” she said.  

A fortune< /strong> 

Since her break from touring, Rihanna hasn't just been a stay-at-home mom. She has enjoyed resounding success in the business world with her makeup, lingerie and fashion shows, in addition to getting into the movies.  

Last summer, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at 1.7 billion. 


< p>“I am so focus on the Super Bowl that I forgot my party is coming up. I forgot Valentine's Day. There's so much preparation.” 

“I'm always bossy. I know some are irritated by this, but it's part of me. There are a lot of people who help me with this show and I thank them, but at the end of the day, whether it's a flop or a success, it's my name that will be associated with it all.”   

“Everything is very different now. Balancing work and family is impossible because work will inevitably steal time from me with my child. It weighs on me a lot. When you say yes to a request, it has to be worth it.” 

“I want to represent my country (Barbados), immigrants, black women everywhere. It takes people realizing the possibilities of living dreams.” 

“I sometimes fear the pedestal that people want to put me on. I feel better when my feet are on the ground.”