“It gives the impression that it has always existed”: the first visitors seduced by the Mediterranean Agriculture Show in Villeveyrac

"It gives the impression that it has always existed": the first visitors seduced by the Mediterranean Agriculture Show in Villeveyrac

Belle affluence pour la première matinée du salon, à Villeveyrac. Vendredi, en début d’après-midi, on comptait plus de 1 500 visiteurs. Midi Libre – Michael Esdourrubailh

The 1st Mediterranean Agricultural Show was inaugurated this Friday morning in Villeveyrac. The first visitors appreciated the atmosphere, the activities and the products.

It’was a bit of a leap into the unknown. An agricultural meeting over two days ? In Villeveyrac ? The first visitors to the first Mediterranean Agricultural Show fairly quickly cleared up their doubts after plowing this new land.

With a significant influx from Friday morning on this place of the Grape Market, where in the past the winegrowers here sold the server (*) then transported throughout France, act 1 of this event was rather seductive.

It’s great because it unites the region

"We first came out of curiosity, to see local products. Simply because we first look for short circuits and that's good." Coming from next door to Mèze, Sylvie and Vincent, retirees, appreciate what they see. And what they eat!

Seated a few meters away, Marie-Paule, from Villeveyrac, and her friend Agnès, from Château-Thierry (Hauts-de-France), are plentiful:"It’s great because it unifies the region. Well, we tell you, we didn’t come to buy a tractor, eh! But there is a good atmosphere, varied stands, entertainment and quality products. In fact, it feels like it's always existed."

The look of Nadine and Alain, Champagne grain farmers on vacation in Marseillan, is interesting for two reasons. "We came for local products because&rsquo ;we are sensitive to tastes and short circuits. And frankly, we find our account there. It’s good."

It’s good to show people, to explain to them what our job is

But the couple's periscope was naturally oriented towards what the show more broadly offered. "It’s good to show people, to explain to them what our job is. We need meeting places like this."

Members of the Hérault fishing federation, Jean-Jacques (Marsillargues) and Denis (Canet) confirm that this show is also a tool: "L&rsquo The idea of ​​highlighting Mediterranean agriculture is excellent. We must use the beautiful atmosphere of the event to convey messages to the general public about healthy eating, the virtues of short circuits, the sustainability of farms… The conference on water resources was reassuring: we could see that all the stakeholders had their feet on the ground and a reasonable and responsible vision on this major subject. 

The day of Saturday, when more families are expected, and the evenings from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. will provide other indications. As they say in the trade, it's at the end of the fair that we count the dung.

(*) Late table grape, with fleshy pulp and thick skin. I subscribe to read more

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