“It happened near you”: the new episodes return to these sordid stories that occurred in Quebec

“It’happened near you: the new é episodes return to these sordid stories that happened in Quebec

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For the second season of the documentary series, director Bernard Nadeau and his team focused on eight new stories of murders, some of which have gone unnoticed, that took place here in Quebec.< /strong> 

Told by relatives, journalists who covered the case and retired judge Me Johanne St-Gelais in great detail, with narrations by David Goudreault, the show “It happened near you”, will settle on Vrai starting Tuesday.

The first episode revisits the murder of Judith Elemond Plante, a 22-year-old single mother living in Victoriaville, killed at the hands of Jean-François Toupin Houle, a piano mover, in her mid-twenties, struggling with addictions, and depicts as being violent, manipulative and narcissistic, by an ex-spouse.

Returning in the early morning of July 27, 2016, the young man told his girlfriend at the time that he had had an argument with a man a few hours earlier, and that the latter would be seriously injured. Convinced by his wife, Toupin Houle gave himself up to police officers from the Trois-Rivières municipal police force around 5 a.m.

He explains this time that he met Mrs. Elemond Plante on a dating site and that he would have had intimate relations with her. It would be during a sex game involving a knife that he accidentally killed him. The autopsy will reveal, however, that the death of his victim was not accidental. The young woman was stabbed numerous times and defended herself before having her throat cut.

Jean-François Toupin-Houle was sentenced in 2018 to serve a prison sentence without possibility of parole before ten years and six months.

A note that says a lot and circumstantial evidence that accumulates< /strong>

The second episode of the series returns to the murder of real estate broker Julie Morrison, whose remains were found charred, in a burned vehicle on Ozias-Leduc Road in Otterburn Park, Montérégie, in 2013.

< p>His ex-boyfriend, Louis Pelletier, a man with a troubled past and known to police circles, was found guilty, five years later, of first degree murder and insulting his corpse.

< p>Completely different from the kind of men that the broker usually associated with, Pelletier is described by the relatives of the victim as being, “always dirty, badly dressed, who lacked teeth and who does not seem to have had much education”.

Shortly after their meeting, Pelletier asks for the hand of the broker, and very quickly, his jealousy takes over. Having discovered that he was lying to her, Mrs. Morrison will finally put an end to the relationship, after which Pelletier will multiply the harassment and threats against her. The man, who also has big money problems, then owes $6,000 to his ex who refuses to give him back his engagement ring until he has repaid it.

At the time of the loan, the lady had him sign a note signifying the loan and the terms of payment. It is moreover this note, and several circumstantial evidence, which will allow the investigators to put their hands on the collar of Louis Pelletier and to prove his implication in this affair.

Produced by Pixcom, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, “It happened near you” will be available on Vrai this Tuesday.