“It hurts to swallow? Suck….” the restless a fan of Eurovision Monroe advised “antidepressant”

"Больно глотать? Соси...." - неугомонная фанатка Евровидения Монро посоветовала "антидепрессант"

today, 17:35

Famous Ukrainian TV presenter, actress and blogger transvestite diva Monroe actively conducts its own Instagram page, where not only Portici photos and self, but shares with papinniemi his thoughts.

at This time, Monroe criticized the advertising of a drug “Trahan” of tablets for sucking, which is used in cases of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the mouth and throat.

Leaving in a taxi and contemplating the gray scenery outside the window, Monroe suddenly heard on the radio the phrase of the commercial, which instantly brought her out of her reverie: “it Hurts to swallow? Suck trahan”.

This phrase with ambiguous context surrendered to the blogger quite vulgar and she thought about how should look like the person who comes up with such advertising slogans.

“Clearly provocative phrase with ambiguous context took me out of the mindless contemplation of the gray landscape outside the window of the taxi. Interesting, it looks like the person who came up with this advertising text, with volgarita. Or is it my depraved perception of the context, “suck and swallow”?”, – written by Monroe.

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Blogger pilosophical on this topic, noting that in the pursuit of shocking and the desire to please the audience, people spend life running past happy moments.

“For some reason we just stopped sharing current problems, the happy moments and the simple pleasures of life. Interested in quality of content, crafting the perfect personal brand, trying to please the audience. And life here it is, from the window of a taxi and in the taxi,” wrote Monroe.

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