It improves in residences for seniors

Ça s’améliore dans les résidences pour aînés

Marie-Christine Trottier and
Jean-François Gibeault

The situation is going better and better in the accommodation centres, and long-term care (CHSLDS) and private residences for seniors (EPS) of Quebec, even if it is too early to declare victory.

This week, François Legault had a cautious optimism. “The number of NURSING homes that have more than 15 % of people infected has quite decreased. […] On the other hand, there are new NURSING homes that have few cases. […] Therefore the situation, from some points of view, will best, and in others, goes least well “, he advanced on Tuesday.

Our Bureau of investigation has analyzed the data of the last few days from the ministry of Health. It is noted that even if new foci of contamination are still present, the number of infected people is decreasing overall, as the number of residences who are faced with the COVID-19.

Employees take over the bodies of residents who died of the CHSLD.

The number of institutions “critical” is stable

The ministry of Health considers as critical the situation in the establishments where more than 25 % of the residents are affected by the virus. The number of residences in this situation remains stable. Only two new facilities are to be found in this category for NURSING homes, and there are four less for the RPP.

As mentioned by the prime minister, there are also fewer homes with more than 15 % of tenants infected.


  • May 14: 26
  • May 21st: 28


  • May 14: 18
  • May 21st: 14

The number of cases and institutions affected has declined

Between 14 and 21 may, the number of seniors infected in residences for seniors in Quebec is in decline, from 3671 to 3041.

There are also fewer establishments who declare that they are currently affected by the coronavirus. May 14, 368 homes were struggling with at least one asset, according to ministry data. This number had decreased to 305 on may 21, 63 less than the previous week.

The list has errors

The ministry of Health recognizes that there are still ” false numbers every day since the publication of this new list “. The ministry explains the many errors by the system change of data taking, which has recently been changed.

Some residences have even seen their total number of deaths decreased for a few days.

For example, between may 14 and may 21, the CHSLD Champlain went from eight people to a person who had died. The Residence Wind-from-West has grown from four to three people who died from COVID-19.

Schools are more affected by the COVID-19

Several establishments disappear from the list because they no longer have active cases.
There are 61 EPS and 28 CHLSD on the list of may 14, that there are more on the 21 may.

For example, the CHSLD Angelica and the RPA Area of Forges (phase 1), which accounted respectively for 37 and six case, is no longer in the government data.

Other institutions have also seen their number of infected people fall. This is the case of the CHSLD Saint-Laurent, which has increased from 42 to eight cases in a week, registering five deaths of more. The RPA Pavilion of the Thousand Islands has increased from 18 to a case, with no deaths.

The new hot spots

Even if the overall trend is downward, and new hot spots appear. Thirty residences have made their entry on the lists of the residences infected since may 14. Institutions have also reported a significant increase in the number of sick people.





 CHSLD : centre for the accommodation and care of long-term

RPP : private seniors ‘ residence

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