It is Amber Heard who was capable of violence, argue the lawyers of Johnny Depp

C’est Amber Heard qui était capable de violence, plaident les avocats de Johnny Depp

London | lawyers for Johnny Depp have attempted Friday to accredit the thesis according to which it is Amber Heard, the ex-wife of american actor, who was capable of violence, with supporting video clips that are received anonymously.

The actor, 57-year-old goes on to libel the publisher of the tabloid The Sun, NGN, having qualified in April 2018 abusive husband.

The hero of Pirates of the Caribbean strongly rejects this accusation, stating that she never laid a hand on a woman and accuses in return for violence, his ex-wife, portrayed it as a calculator, narcissistic and sociopath who wants to destroy his life.

At the end of the third week of the trial at the High Court in London, the team of Johnny Depp has paid to the procedure of the video clips from the filming of a reality show, dating back to 2006-2007. Such evidence of a last-minute, received the previous day from an anonymous source, would in their eyes be of a nature to accredit the thesis of a Amber Heard violent.

These images show the sister of the American 34-year-old, Whitney Henriquez, questioned around a swimming pool by other participants out of the marks on his face and the top of his chest, which does not appear, however, that is clearly evident on the images of poor quality.

The “kick in the butt”

“I can’t believe that Amber have you kicked the butt”, do you mean one of the participants say to Ms. Henriquez. “You got beaten?”, she continues by inspecting the body of the young woman, adding : “It is really kick in the pants”. In the Face of pressing issues, Whitney Henriquez replied that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

“First of all, it was a really bad reality show,” said the sister of the actress, questioned Friday after the viewing of these excerpts.

The young woman explained that she was referring to a “verbal dispute”, not “physical”. Under the barrage of questions from the counsel Eleanor Laws, it reiterated that the other participants had no other purpose than to try to spice up a conversation with a total platitude, to “create a story”, in “looking injuries that were not there”.

“We see no mark,” she pointed out, repeating what his sister had been a victim of “domestic violence”.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp met in 2011 on the set of Rum Express , and were divorced in early 2017, after less than two years of a marriage stormy.

The trial continues Monday and Tuesday with the arguments of the lawyers.

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