“It is as if my daughter had been possessed by the devil”

«C’est comme si ma fille avait été possédée»

Parents have lived a nightmare at the height of the illness that has struck their daughter, is an inflammation of the brain, the symptoms of which are similar to the possession, worthy of a horror movie.

“It’s really crazy as a disease,” says Percy Pinto, the father of the little Lyvia, 4 years. The latter is still bewildered by the symptoms of the disease that struck her child, encephalitis antibody antirécepteurs NMDA.

It is an inflammation of the brain-a potentially deadly condition that creates symptoms similar to possession.

“It’s hard to explain. It is as if she had been possessed, ” says his wife, Kristel Dalbec, 33 years old.

Shortly before the Holidays, their daughter, a child known for his jovial presence, his smile and his rapid development, began to have trouble with their behavior disturbing.

“It was a crisis of uncontrollable, hysterical. She launched her toys and broke. His personality has completely changed, identifies the mother of a family. She has lost half of his vocabulary. She speaks more slowly and sleeps more. It is worse than a new-born. “

As a zombie

The small one had the blank stare, a few months ago, playing with a ball, because of the symptoms she was suffering.

Lyvia walked sometimes in the manner of a soldier, sometimes in the manner of a zombie, ” she recalls.

Their relatives have tried to reassure them by saying that this would be passenger. Gold, on the 26th of December, the doubts are dispelled.

“It was a big crisis. After all, she had the air of a ghost. She opened the mouth, and then it was the emptiness in his eyes. She was no longer there, continues Kristel Dalbec. It is a sort of focal epilepsy. “

“Who is she ? This is not my daughter “, was asked by Mr. Pinto.

The couple of Chambly was immediately transferred to the Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine, in Montreal.

“I we are really lucky to have been there,” insists the father of 39 years. We were immediately taken seriously. Since then, she has received the cadillac treatment. ”

Lyvia has made great progress since then, to the delight of her parents.

“I just look forward that it will ever be as good as before “, breath his father.


This disease that attacks the brain could be part of the avenues explaining the behaviors that we could see previously in horror films such as theExorcism, according to the designer of the foundation named after the disease.

“What was so-called “diabolic possessions” may have been in reality cases of anti-NMDA, or other forms related to encephalitis, autoimmune “, clears Nesrin Shaheen, mother of the first case the official in Canada, in 2008.

Go quickly to the hospital reduces the risk of complications

The parents of the little Lyvia want to make known autoimmune disease to their child in order to help other people to detect the symptoms quickly.

“I want people to be able to detect the symptoms quickly, because there is no time to lose when it is that,” insists her mother, Kristel Dalbec, about this disease is still unknown.

«C’est comme si ma fille avait été possédée»

Nesrin Shaheen

“These are antibodies that attack the brain,” explains the spokesperson of the Foundation of the encephalitis antibody antirécepteurs NMDA, Nesrin Shaheen. It describes the symptoms of “devastating” and ” catastrophic “.

“The person loses all of his abilities to walk, speak, and we hospitalise, she adds.

The majority are women with the age of bearing a child. And only 20 % of cases are men. “

According to his expertise, if they are not treated on time, 5% of them, it is deadly.

Powerful medication

The affected persons die of a cardiac arrest or complications associated with long hospital stays and the use of powerful drugs.

However, the majority of patients who receive prompt diagnosis and treatment and recover well. A relapse is possible in 14 to 25 % of the cases, according to data from the Foundation.

“There are 75 % of the cases which recover well with the effects, but 20% will remain disabled for life,” says the mother of Lyvia, thumbing through his notebook of notes.

Since the identification of the disease in 2007, approximately 50 % of the thousand folders listed across the world have a tumor in the ovaries, ” says Ms. Shaheen.

The state of Lyvia, which was quickly taken care of, is improving little by little.

She even said goodbye to the representative of the Newspaper during his recent passing. It was a first for ages, they say.

“We go day-to-day. We walk on eggs. We are afraid of it. Should always say that this is not it, but it is necessary to continue to educate, ” says his mother.

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