It is done ! Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann have given a ring of Champions to Blue

C'est fait ! Paul Pogba et Antoine Griezmann ont offert une bague de Champions aux Bleus

The Blues have had their ring of Champions of the world !

“The gift has arrived !”, was pleased with Paul Pogba on Wednesday 20 march 2019 ! 8 months after the victory of the Team of France in the World Cup 2018, football players have finally received the famous ring commissioned by Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba, inspired by the NBA ! Look, this is a real ring of Champions !

We are the Champions ! Ok, ok, it’s been already 8 months that the Blues have won the final of the world Cup, but the euphoria is still present today, especially the football players have finally received their ring of champions ! Remember, following the coronation and the ceremony of the Cup, Antoine Griezmann suggested the idea of ordering rings tricolour inspired by the NBA for each of his teammates, with “World Champions” and the acronym “FFF” written on it.

“The gift has arrived”

A ring that is funded by the striker for Atlético Madrid and his “brother” Paul Pogba… that they have finally received it ! At a press conference on Wednesday, the midfielder of Manchester United is delighted : “The gift has arrived. It was passed to the players. Blaise has posted, me not yet, but it does happen. I don’t have the ring on me. The reaction of the players was good, they thanked. It’s a small gesture after winning a world Cup with awesome players that I consider as my family. It is a small gift from my side.”

World Champions

If he had not yet shared photos of the ring at the conference, in contrast to Blaise Matuidi, it is now done : he posted on his account Instagram a photo of the entire Team of France the ring at the finger, trying to make the celebration of Golo Kante, as well as a video of his own, bearing his name. The Blues have been able to enjoy this beautiful gift set as they are currently at Clairefontaine to prepare for the qualifying matches of the Euro 2020 on Friday in Moldova and then on Monday in the face of Iceland.


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