It is Impossible to put a small bridge on Papineau street

Impossible de mettre un petit chevalet sur la rue Papineau

Of the merchants of the rue Papineau asked the City a little flexibility in this time of pandemic, leaving them to put up sawhorses on the sidewalk.

The store owner of appliance repair Workshops in Nelson, Pierre-Luc Lajoie, received the visit of inspectors from the borough of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, who asked him to remove the sidewalk on his easel, measuring approximately one metre, and on it is inscribed “We are hiring”.

It is that the Regulation on the occupation of the public domain stipulates that no person may occupy or interfere with traffic, including pedestrians on the sidewalk, without a permit, indicates to us the borough by e-mail. And no question of making an exception during the pandemic. “This rule is all the more important now given the rules of hygiene and distancing physics which must be respected. The health of individuals and the security of the displacement is [sic] a priority,” said the borough by e-mail, adding that “other recruitment strategies to not impede the public space can be deployed”.

No sense

The explanation does not convince Mr. Lajoie. “They don’t want to put our sign. But on Thursday morning, we go out of our drains and they come looking around 16h in the afternoon. Every day, you can put a big battery drain with papers everywhere, but not our little sign. It doesn’t make sense,” says Lajoie.

“We try to find people to work. This is not easy for traders”, expresses he.

Open since the 25th of may, Workshops Nelson needs to fill a lack of staff. The bridge clearly indicate that the shop is in recruitment, and already, people are back in the trade to get details about the position, ” says Dr. Lajoie.

It does not intend to remove her sign, even if it could earn him a fine ranging between$ 200 and$ 600. “We’re going to put the ad out and they will give tickets. It will go before the courts. We’ll go to the end of the ridiculous,” he argues.

Other traders have experienced the same situation, in which the owner of the thrift store Treasure Mercedes, Mercedes Rodriguez, who has put an easel in front of his shop to attract the attention of passers-by. “I am not in agreement. Because of the COVID-19, since 25 may, the sales are very low,” she says.

Same goes for David Garcia, the manager of the convenience store No 1 More. “We want to attract people here,” he says, noting as Ms. Rodriguez a ridership low in the trade.

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