It is mathematical: it is impossible to eat more than 84 hot dogs in 10 minutes

C’est mathématique: il est impossible de manger plus de 84 hot dogs en 10 minutes

The champions of the gobage of hot dogs will now know the limits: a human cannot swallow more than 84 in 10 minutes, according to a study that sifted through the mathematical modeling of the traditional competition american Nathan s.

A professor of physiology, a specialist in sports performance, wondered one day if the models developed for the athletics competitions could also apply to the competition to the ingestion of hot dogs, held every year since more than 100 years in New York.

And if a gut could lead to, as one trains his muscles.

The researcher, therefore, has recovered the data from the “Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest” – of which he is a admirer – on 39 years and subjecting them to a statistical program, and used in the equations, in order to ” see if a schema could explain how the performance of food had increased considerably “, explained to AFP the Pr James Smoliga, author of the study published in the journal Biology Letters.

“The records have improved by nearly 700 % over the years, which is huge compared to any sporting event ! “, said a researcher at the University High Point in the United States.

By combining the results of these equations with the knowledge of the plasticity of human gut, he was able to calculate the maximum rate of consumption: 84 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

This is ten more than the current record held by the “eater” professional ” american Joey Chestnut (more than 21,000 calories).

The modeling of performance on 5 years also shows that the maximum rate of consumption of “fresh material” increases over the years at the competitors as they train.

To facilitate ingestion, the candidates are involved besides the brioche bread in water to soften it, and contorsionnent to improve their transit.

“We can see these candidates as a symbol of gluttony, but in reality the functioning of their digestive system is different, which is clearly linked to their training – even if it is possible that they possess a physiological capacity inherent “, according to the Pr Smoliga.

This feat tract is, in any case not within the reach of all, and “it is unlikely that a person +normal+ to be able to eat more than 10” of these sandwiches with sausage in 10 minutes, says the study.

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