It is the time of the move

C'est l'heure du déménagement

The boxes are well identified, just waiting for the strong arms that deposited in the new home. It only remains to ensure that this difficult day was the best possible.

The day before you move

▶ Don’t forget to reserve the elevator if there is a place and the space needed for the moving truck to the new house.

Prepare the layout of the path of the shortest distance between the two houses, that you will give to all the people involved in the move. Indicate the cell phone numbers in case of troubleshooting.

▶ Unplug all appliances, empty the pipes from the washer and clean the air duct of the dryer. Empty the fridge and freezer. Defrost if necessary and keep food in a cooler.

▶ Provide a box of “survival kit” containing toiletries, towels for the shower, cleaning products and disinfectants, toilet paper, tissues, tools, a few kitchen utensils and bottles of water in good quantity.

▶ Don’t forget to add clothes for the next day.

The time of moving has arrived

▶ Drag to the interior of the dryer, all the linens and pillows needed for the first night in your new environment. Close the door tightly with a tape. Without adding any additional weight you will have on hand all the equipment clean in order to dress quickly for the beds.

▶ Don’t forget to return all keys to the landlord or new tenant.

▶ Before you leave the house, clean the rooms, sweep the floor, and disinfect with a disinfectant solution the door handles out of respect for the next occupant.

Moving without contamination

▶ If you have hired a moving company accredited, you will not have to live a constant worry. The movers will apply the preventive health measures taken by the government. However, take care to keep a distance of 1 to 2 meters with the movers to ensure all have a good protection.

▶ However, if you are calling on friends, you’ll have to be more vigilant, because it will be more difficult to apply the principle of social distancing. Limit the comings and goings in the pieces in supervising the unloading of boxes and furniture at the entrance of the house or a room. You will then proceed to the distribution of the boxes a bit everywhere in the house once the move is completed.

▶ Check the state of health of the previous tenants. If a person is suffering or has suffered from the symptoms of the COVID-19, contact Info–health 811 which will give you solutions to avoid contamination.

▶ Wear gloves, clean and disinfect touched surfaces, doorknobs, furniture and appliances. The risk of transmission through the surfaces and the objects exist, but currently, it is considered to be low.

▶ As soon as the entry into the new housing, put near a sink in the bathroom soap and disinfectant in order to facilitate the washing of the hands to all those who have to remove their gloves.

▶ After this rough day, you should wash all clothes worn during the removal in a hot water with detergent as usual.

Kitty moved !

The day of the move, isolate your cat in a room, as in a former home in the new. The bathrooms are ideal, because they are less busy when the movers carry furniture and boxes.

Make sure that, in his room of isolation, your cat has his litter box in one corner and his food and his water in the opposite corner or on the counter, if the cat can climb there, since he will not eat or drink if his litter box is too close to his food and his water.

The faster you will tidy your home after the move, the better your cat will. Don’t forget that each time you move a piece of furniture, you change the configuration of his territory. Give him time to settle in his new home and establish her routine.

Thank you to Mondou for his wise guidance in order to soothe our pets can feel vulnerable on moving day.

Pitou is moving !

Small treats for your dog : chewing sticks to flavor apple, strawberry, blueberry or banana for dogs, a treat of the company of a quebec family Oven-Baked Tradition. 13,99 $, at a Mondou store.

Introduce the new environment to your dog by inviting him to do his needs in the place indicated. Thus, you help your dog to calm itself and to mark its territory. Give him time to feel around in the house.

Install his cushion, his cage, some toys and his water bowl for him to give cues. Moving can create stress or excitement in some dogs. Help him to be calm by giving him an activity or a game that will occupy it.

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