It is the turn of restaurants

C’est au tour des restaurants

Looking forward to re-open their doors, restaurant owners will soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief. On Monday, the government Legault plans to announce the opening of the restaurants for June 15, outside the Greater Montreal, has learned The Newspaper.

The pressure is growing on the authorities. Earlier this week, the restaurateur drummondvillois Laurent Proulx has threatened to defy the rules of the public health and to open its terrace. The wave of protest has spread.

The restaurant owners and connoisseurs will be pleased to learn that he will soon be allowed to pay for meals outside of the Metropolis.

“It was time. Don’t miss the summer”, were entrusted to Marc-Antoine Beauchesne and Carl Desruisseaux, owners of several addresses in Quebec city, Pub London Jack.

According to our information, as early as mid-June, the restaurants will be able to open not only their terrace, but also their dining room inside. Unless the evolution of the pandemic does not change the plan.

The guide, preliminary CNESST approved by the public health leaves it to the restorers to determine the number of tables maximum in their institutions.

The owners will need to ensure, however, to enforce the distancing physics of two meters in their walls, in particular by markings on the ground.

Servers hidden

Of hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed at the entrance of the shops, and plexiglass for the cases. Only one person at a time should have access to the bathrooms.

Lovers of gastronomy will be able to come and enjoy dishes prepared in small groups of ten.

But as is the case for rallies and camping, the guests gathered shall come from three different addresses.

Restaurateurs will be required to provide protective equipment to their employees. Servers will have to wear the mask, but eye protection when they cannot meet the two-metre distance with the customers.

In the kitchens, the cover face will be required in situations of promiscuity.

According to our information, the buffets will not be banned. But the restaurants that opt for this formula will ensure that the customers do not serve themselves. Employees will be required to do so.

Later, the bars

The draft guidebook, created in collaboration with actors in the middle does not prohibit the traditional menus of paper or cardboard. It is, however, recommended to use tables or slate to showcase the culinary range to the clients.

In this ad déconfinement scheduled for Monday, and it is not yet the question of restaurants in the greater Montreal and of the opening bars, we are told. The ultimate guide to the CNESST will be published at the time of the announcement by the government.

Very happy with the next reopening of the restaurants and terraces, the business man Carl Desruisseaux and her partner Marc-Antoine Beauchesne lead the Group Top Restaurant, which has several addresses in Quebec city.

“It was time. One should not miss the summer. I think people are looking forward to taking a beer. For the customer from 20 to 50 years, I’m not worried. They will be there, ” launched Mr. Desruisseaux.

Rémy Salvail is looking forward to the possible announcement of the reopening of the restaurants attached to the 15 June next. “I’m super happy with it. It’s been a long time that we was waiting for a date, ” says the owner of the resto-pub Le Distingo, Sorel-Tracy.

When the weather supported the last weekend of may was felt, Mr. Salvail has started to gnaw on his brake. “This is where it came to pick me up,” he admits. I saw the nice weather and my patio was closed. “

—Jonathan Tremblay and Jean-François Racine

According to our information

  • The restaurants located outside of greater Montreal will be able to open their terrace and their room to eat inside as of 15 June.
  • The owners will have the responsibility of determining the number of tables maximum in their establishments, in view of the measures of distance physical.
  • Maximum of 10 guests per table from a maximum of three different addresses.
  • Of hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed at the entrance to shops and plexiglas crates.
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