It is very hot behind the kitchens of bakers

Il fait très chaud derrière les fourneaux des boulangers

Workers in Quebec have a challenge : to face the sixth heat wave of the summer while wearing masks and visors.

“It is not so obvious ! The temperature before the oven can fit up to 42, 45 and even 50 degrees ! ” lance Ricardo Resendes, co-owner of the Patisserie-bakery-Concorde in Laval.

Saturday, it was over 30 °C in Montreal with a humidex of 34.

Quebec is currently hit by the sixth heat wave since the beginning of the year, according to Amélie Bertrand, meteorologist for Environment Canada, whereas normally, there are only three per year.

“One speaks of a warning of extreme heat with factors humidex near 40 Sunday and Monday, details the scientific. It will be sticky and moist. “

Mr. Resendes regrets that the very hot temperatures are becoming more common.

“It’s been two, three years that there has been a lot of heat waves, but this year it seems even more intense. It drags on a bit like situation, ” he said.

Warmth and mask

In addition to more frequent heat waves, the bakers have one more challenge this year : the port of the mask and of the visor.

“It is sure that the heat is worse with the masks, but we did not really have the choice. When you love what you do, it obviously makes things less painful, ” says for its part, Sarah Soussi, manager of the Bakery Jarry in Montreal.

In order to combat more heat waves, baking The bread in the sails preferred to invest.

“Since we felt that the heat waves, it is becoming the new standard, they installed a second air conditioner in the past year “, says Philippe Brosseau is the manager of the trade.

According to an occupational hygienist certified by the Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST) the heat makes wearing a mask more uncomfortable, but it does not increase the risk of heat stroke.

“The mask will not increase the body temperature. The heat remains localized around the face, inside the mask “, note Nasturtium Ouellet.


To decrease the discomfort generated by the port of the cover face, the IRSST offers some solutions

  • Choose a mask designed with a material that does not interfere with breathing, and which does not decrease the efficiency of the filtration ;
  • Choose a mask adjusted to the shape and size of the face ;
  • Breathe the more possible through the nose, which generates less humidity in the mask ;
  • Book the port of the mask to the moments where the detachment physics can not be respected ;
  • Change the mask when it becomes wet because of the breathing, or sweat.
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