It schnick are running Silicon valley from the dictatorship of the liberals

ИТ-шники бегут из Кремниевой долины от диктатуры либералов

For 2017 the number of programmers and the it entrepreneurs left Silicon valley, as experienced ideological pressure from the liberal-minded majority. In particular, the primacy of liberal views felt at Google, where until now the effects of the dismissal of James Damora.

The ideological atmosphere

Representatives of the it industry are forced to leave Silicon valley, if they adhere to the unpopular social and political views. This is especially true of adherents of conservative and Republican ideas. The reason for the intolerance shown towards them liberal-minded colleagues.

The most famous ideological refugee should be to businessman Peter Thiel (Peter Thiel), known for his sympathy for US President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) — he is going to move from Silicon valley to Los Angeles in connection with the constant attacks from the extreme left-wing activists.

Historically, Silicon valley has developed a special ideological atmosphere, writes the Wall Street Journal. It is characterized by openness to new ideas and the pursuit of globalization, free trade and unrestricted immigration. Along with this valley supports capitalism, and is in opposition to labor unions and government regulation.

According to a recent study by the legal group Lincoln Network, 31% of the it world of silicon valley from 387 respondents reported that they knew someone who decided not to pursue a career in it due to ideological conflict with management or colleagues. If we talk only about the conservative part of the respondents, the figure rises to 59%.

The history of it refugees

Thiel is not alone in his choice — some programmers and entrepreneurs have already managed to get out of Silicon valley under the pressure of popular ideology. The Wall Street Journal spoke with a number of such migrants. For example, the angel investor Tom McInerney (Tom McInerney), who left the valley about 10 years ago, told reporters that in recent years, “political beliefs in San Francisco were getting a little crazy.” The reason was the aggravation of social contradictions caused by the election trump for President. McInerney describes himself as a fiscal conservative, but socially liberal citizen.

Writer, speaker and it investor Timothy ferriss (Timothy Ferriss), author of the bestseller “the four hour work week”, moved to December 2017 from Silicon valley to Austin, Texas. According to him, in a valley everyone who does not fit into hyperliberal the way, suffers from this. As recognized by Ferris in the publication on the resource Reddit, the local residents “openly lie to each other for fear of losing their job or face public crucifixion”. Shortly after moving Ferris noted that the people of Texas “in General is much more friendly.” In Silicon valley he lived for 17 years.

Startup entrepreneur and technologist blockchain Preeti, Nasireddin (Preethi Kasireddy), 27 years old, left San Francisco in November 2017, saying that people in Silicon valley “have a certain style of thinking, and if you don’t fit into this style of thinking, you do not enter into club cool.” Caseready, said that she was tired of the monotony of thinking, in particular, about how to develop the business.

Migration affected employees of all hierarchical levels, including senior managers. For example, the CEO platform for direct sale author products Gumroad Sahil Lavinia (Sahil Lavingia) in connection with a lack of ideological diversity has moved from San Francisco to Provo, Utah. “I met with someone for coffee or dinner, or a drink, and felt like the same conversation is repeated again and again”, — he described his impressions. Lavinia describes herself as a liberal.

The situation in Google

In Google the situation worsened after the corporate meeting management carried out immediately after the victory of trump in the presidential election. About Wall Street Journal said a former employee of the company, developer Dan Hackney (Dan Hackney), who left the Corporation in January 2018 because of the lack of tolerance in relation to the bearer of the conservative belief in the team.

Hackney is not a fan of trump, he’d be more likely to describe themselves as a follower of the philosophy of objectivism American writer Ayn Rand (Ayn Rand). His worried tone, which set the founders of Google Larry page (Larry Page) and Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin). According to Hackney, they act like it’s perfectly normal not to allow the statements of certain types of political beliefs in conversations in the workplace. “I felt like if you supported trump, then you’re all alone,” explained Hackney.

The Legacy Of James Damora

Hackney also notes that his decision to leave the company influenced history technical specialist, Google James Damore (James Damore), which in August 2017 circulated in a closed enterprise portal anonymous 10-page letter with thoughts on the topic of success of men and women in it. In the opinion of the engineer, the low proportion of women among the leadership of tech companies is due to biological differences between the sexes.

“Distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women is partly different biological reasons. These differences explain why we do not see equality of women and men in technology and leadership,” wrote Damor. According to him, the male penchant for systematic thinking leads them into the world of programming. Women is the difference between “openness, focused on feelings and aesthetics, not ideas”, and that’s why they choose “jobs in social or artistic fields.”

For this letter Damor was instantly dismissed. In January 2018, along with another ex-Google employees David Goodman (David Gudeman) he sued the company to court for discrimination against the media, conservative political views, and men of the European race.


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