“It showed class!” – sexy show-room of Tina Karol blew network

"Показала класс!" - сексуальный шоу-номер Тины Кароль взорвал сеть

Tina Karol, a screenshot from the video

today, 12:35

February 22, Ukraine finally learned its representative at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. For a trip to the Netherlands fought 6 members, each of which deserved this victory.

Triumph of steel “gray cardinals” national selection – ethno-group Go_A with the song “Nightingale”.

"Показала класс!" - сексуальный шоу-номер Тины Кароль взорвал сеть

Go_A, The National Selection

However, apart from the fierce struggle of parties, the finale of national selection for Eurovision 2020 marked and no less creative performances of the judges. One of those was a sexy number “canguros” Dan Balan – Tina Karol.

"Показала класс!" - сексуальный шоу-номер Тины Кароль взорвал сеть

Tina Karol, a screenshot from the video

Tina Karol, The National Selection

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Viewers saw an impressive show-room new recital programmes of the singer. The pop diva sang the song “Vilna” and “Nino”, showcasing powerful vocals and sexy figure. On the show Tina picked out a costume from the Ukrainian brand TTSWTRS. Erotic PA is not indifferent to the fans, who generously covered the social. network stars with compliments.

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Recall that Tina Karol on the “Voice of the country 10” has been recognized in love.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Dan Balan rhythmically trotted back to the melody.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Tina was in trouble in the midst of the national selection for Eurovision 2020.

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