It slacks, it hulahoops, it graffitis and it twirls with the Color Circus in the heart of Alès

It slacks, it hulahoops, it graffitis and it twirls with the Color Circus in the heart of Alès

Frédéric Arsenault et Florent Bergal au porté d’un des petits circassiens, sujets d’un film sur la fugue. Midi Libre – STEPHANE BARBIER

Après le quartier les Cévennes, et avant le quartier de Rochebelle vendredi 12 avril, le festival hors les murs du pôle national cirque Occitanie la Verrerie a investi, jeudi, le parc alésien du Bosquet.

Jules and Mila, seated on a bench, looking towards the group of around ten colleagues, wait " like a magnet in the place of the heart to stick to the joyful group advancing on the promenade of the lime trees of the Parc du Bosquet. And thus form a colorful and joyful movement that Florent Bergal, co-founder of the G. Bistaki circus, leads with his large hands, with precision.
Supported by the Quebec circus artist Frédéric Arsenault, it jumps, it carries and it therefore lives to the rhythm of the imagination of the duo following the theme of the fugue. A protean work, built in three stages then put into a box embodying in its own way the spirit of the Color Circus festival, programming outside the walls of the circus center directed by Sylviane Manuel, campaigner for the movement as much spatial in the city as physical in the bodies. An artistic trait uniting different neighborhoods – The Cévennes, Rochebelle and the city center – by circus arts.
and that afternoon, everything is a pretext for playing with gravity. The boxwood groves or the balustrade of Baron de Roux Larcy form the setting for a fall, a flight, a race, a “pas de deux”.

" The idea of ​​a choreographic film, with children, on the art of fugue came from this side “neighborhood” summary Florent Bergal. With the idea of ​​how to get out of it, both mentally and socially. We often talk about making the city center accessible to those who are not there, but this question only appears implicitly in this project. And it’s almost a red herring and that’s why I’m doing it! Because why not think the opposite? In neighborhoods where I have intervened, there is a welcome, a pride and in the end, I don't want them to are blocking their neighborhood but rather we make it brighter for them! "

A game of deconstruction and spatial reconstruction which was joined this Thursday by around a hundred young people from Alès, Cendras, Saint Cristol and medical-educational institutes. Via the street art of Art’attack, the hula-hoop of the Salto school, sliding with Lo wheels or the art of slack-line by the Verrerie, the demonstration arouses desire, performance combines with practice so that the circus artist who sleeps in everyone, tomorrow, hatches…hellip;

The festival, organized in partnership with Un roof pour tous, continues on Friday April 12 from 2:30 p.m., from the parking lot on rue des érables in Rochebelle. Program here. I subscribe to read more

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