It steals its identity, request the PCU and its tax return

On vole son identité, demande la PCU et son retour d’impôt

A Montrealer whose identity has been stolen denounces that the fraudsters have been able to make two applications of PCU to its name with the greatest of ease without it being alerted.

Even more worrying is that, not content with having cashed in the canadian Benefits for emergency (PKU) by usurping his identity, the scammers have also managed to modify the number of his bank account in his / her file to the Canada revenue Agency (CRA) in order to take his tax refund. Again, no one has noticed the deception, nor sounded the alarm.

“This is really scary, I still have trouble understanding by what contrivance they are made. It really seems to have been easy, ” says the victim, who has asked to keep silent his name due to the nature of his employment.

The man is a client of Desjardins and is part of the 4.2 million Quebecers who have had their personal information (name, surname, address, date of birth, social insurance number, etc) be stolen.

Without knowing if there is a link, he is also part of the former employees of Revenu Québec in which the data had also been leaked.

Credit card

It is “by chance” that he was able to quickly realize what a fraud, because a prepaid credit card that he had not ordered arrived in his mailbox on may 11. It came from a digital platform, KOHO.

“I didn’t know that, so I am immediately questioned. And I realized that they had my name, my address in their records “, he explains.

Immediately, the Montreal-verified on other platforms in order to know how far stretched the identity theft. He noted with horror on the CRA website that two applications of PCU had been made in his name, totalling 4000 $.

“At the beginning of the month of may, they had also changed the account for the direct deposit. When I handed the correct information, I received an e-mail alert. I don’t understand why this has not happened the first time, ” inquired the victim.

Despite the alert, the CRA has attempted to pay his income tax refund in the account of the scammers.

“Fortunately, the transfer has been blocked by the financial institution, who had reported the account as being fraudulent. Otherwise, I would have surely also lost my payment of ” tax, let-t-he fall.


The man hopes to be able to recognize the fraud and thus remove the use of the PCU from its folder.

“The Agency will investigate all reported cases of identity theft is suspected and will work with the victim to ensure that she gets the benefits to which they are entitled,” said the ARC by e-mail.

“We will continue to work to prevent the fraud attempts and we will cooperate fully with the authorities to provide the necessary information to stop scammers “, for its part, has reacted KOHO.

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