“It was a very nice edition”: end clap for the Bijoutiful show at the Nîmes exhibition center

“It was a very nice edition”: end clap for the Bijoutiful show at the Nîmes exhibition center

Dès ce vendredi après-midi, le parc des expositions était pris d’assaut par les visiteurs. Midi Libre – Pierre Meuriot

The event brought together around sixty exhibitors from the world of jewelry.

The curtain fell on the 17th edition of the Bijoutiful show at the Nîmes exhibition center, leaving behind a general feeling of satisfaction among exhibitors and visitors. ;rsquo;previous edition, this year saw a marked improvement, with significant attendance and record purchases.

A growing attraction for the  salon

Since Friday, April 5 and until this Monday, April 8 at 7 p.m., the aisles were full of enthusiasts looking for unique and quality pieces, aware of the work of the creators and the company. rsquo;expertise that was hidden behind each jewel and exhibited pieces. This year again, the quality of the products presented attracted visitors, who did not hesitate to invest in pieces designed to last.

The positive feedback was unanimous: "everyone worked well, confided Camille Amidei -Serres, communications manager for the exhibition center. It’was a very nice edition. Better than last year", she continued. Although the official figures have not yet been revealed, it is undeniable that this edition attracted more people "and this from the opening of the show on Friday&quot ;, testifying to the growing appeal of this event in the world of jewelry.

A successful night

This was the great novelty of this 17th edition, beyond the free entry. "The soiree was particularly successful and the parades were particularly popular", continued Camille. Also, the new section dedicated to cosmetics and scents was well received, arousing the interest and curiosity of visitors. "It complements each other well".

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