“It was crazy”: a resident receives a water bill of 19,000 euros because of a leak caused by work in her municipality

Christine Soressi, a resident of Beure (Doubs) received a water bill of more than 19,000 euros to pay, following a leak caused by earthworks.

The story dates back three years, when the town hall of its commune decided to carry out earthworks, according to a report from TF1.

The workers allegedly caused a leak in the apartment of Christine Soressi, a resident of Doubs. Only a year later, she received a bill for more than 19,000 euros. So she realizes that there is a problem. "For a normal household with two people, it was crazy< /em>", says Christine. Since the pipes were hidden, Christine was not able to notice the leak.

The equivalent of an Olympic swimming pool

That's between four and five liters of water leaking per minute, even when the taps are turned off. "The quantity of water represents the equivalent of an Olympic swimming pool. It’s huge", she confides to the news of TF1.

The situation has been going on for three years now. Christine cannot find a solution with the town hall, who refuses to pay the bill and repair the leak. "It’is not for lack of having alerted, of having tried to find amicable arrangements, assures you- her. My legal protection put the town hall on notice to repair this damage a year ago. A year later, we are still at the same stage."

Today, the water continues to flow and the price of the bill is also increasing.

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