It was once 2 : a sequel still possible ? James Marsden responds

Il était une fois 2 : une suite toujours possible ? James Marsden répond

James Marsden gives his opinion on the result of It was once

Released in 2007 in a film, the film He was once with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, will there be entitled to a continuation ? Rumors about a possible There was once 2 have circulated for years, but think James Marsden, who plays Prince Edward ? The actor seen in Westworld gave news of the project in an interview.

This is a project that began to dated but that is expected when even with impatience. It’s been several years that the result of It was once is in preparation. Despite the announcement of the project, no shoot date has not been announced, although a part of the actors to be ready to turn this sequel to the movie released on the cinema there are already more than 10 years. Should he still have hope to find Gisele and the other on the big screen ?

James Marsden gives his opinion on a result of He was once

Currently in full promotion of Sonic, the film in which he played Tom Wachowski, James Marsden was given a new project in an interview with ComicBook. The actor is not very reassuring, even if he explains that he is not against a return. “There are not too many chances (to make the film, editor’s note) because they talk about doing it for a while but I hope that they will do it. I think they’re trying to make a good script. And it seems to me that Amy (Adams, who played Gisele editor’s note) is concerned. We haven’t really talked about it but this is what I hear. But at the same time, it had to happen before and it has not been the case. We should do it before we become too old,” confided the actor.

You will have understood, there is still hope for this sequel ! In 2019, the composer Alan Menken was also assigned on It was after 2 , and had assured him that the film was in preparation and waiting only for the green light from the studios. Remains to know if the other stars are still ok to resume their roles. In 2018, Patrick Dempsey had given on this subject : “We’ll see what will happen. It is a film that is so highly valued that it is necessary that one ensures that this is well before it happens, “he said.

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