It was revealed the Grand deception with a smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro

Experts have found out an amusing fact that the OnePlus 7 Pro there is a useful hidden feature

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Вскрылся грандиозный обман со смартфоном OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro has a hidden ability – IP68

A top-end smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the best mobile devices in 2019, which repeatedly came into our ratings. It has almost everything: a powerful stuffing, excellent camera, nice design and attractive price. But despite all its advantages, there is one factor that makes it the perfect mobile – leaky case. For many buyers, it was a great disappointment to learn that the flagship in 2019 does not have a waterproof housing. But experts found out a fun fact – OnePlus 7 Pro, as it turned out, there is protection from water.

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The editors of CNET decided to refute the myth that OnePlus 7 Pro is not waterproof. That was the reason for this check? Just a month before the official announcement of the Chinese manufacturer has released the official promotional video with a demonstration of the smartphone under water – OnePlus 7 Pro has been dipped in a bucket of water, after which it worked without problems.

However, at the time of announcement of sealed case was not confirmed, and after the start of sales OnePlus 7 Pro touted the ability is absent in the description of the technical specifications. As stated by the CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau, the company simply decided not to spend additional funds on obtaining certification IP68 – complete protection against water penetration at depths of over a meter for longer than 30 minutes. Roughly speaking, the protection was there, but testing it properly is not carried out.


The water-resistance test

Experts from CNET decided to test the waterproof OnePlus 7 Pro. After 10-minute immersion smartphone perfectly continued to work: made calls, worked all the sensors, touch screen display respond to touch, the camera worked fine. True sound in the auditory dynamics was distorted, probably due to the remaining water droplets that were removed by an air compressor, and the problem disappeared.

A few hours after full drying of the body, the smartphone was again immersed in water, but 30 minutes is the standard method, which CNET uses to water-resistant phones with an IP rating, and is the minimum requirement for a durable, waterproof phone. Surprisingly, the smartphone is “survived” – screen, connectivity and camera worked fine.

Вскрылся грандиозный обман со смартфоном OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro survive under water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter

The experts then moved on to more intense scrutiny – dipping in the pool. This test represents a more severe test IPX7 – test at greater depths, which increases the water pressure on the hull, thereby increasing the likelihood of water ingress into the phone.

And so it happened – after eight minutes in the pool at a depth of 2.5 meters the phone screen is turned off, and the phone finally disconnected. After staying 30 minutes at the bottom of the pool OnePlus 7 Pro stopped and turned to respond to the power button.

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In fairness it should be noted that for comparison a similar test was done with the iPhone XR and XS, and meet the IP67 standard, and the last IP68 (30 minutes at a depth of 2 meters).

For some additional context, we loaded iPhone XR and XS under water, and meet the IP67 standard, and the last IP68 (equivalent to 30 minutes in six feet of water). At a depth of 8 metres both iPhone stopped working: XR lasted about 7 minutes, while XS “survived” after 30 minutes of being under water without apparent damage.

In the end, OnePlus 7 Pro though and has a waterproof shell, it is not necessary to repeat this experiment because of its protective capabilities are inferior competitors, as well as the manufacturer declines responsibility if the phone something happens under water, because officially support this is not possible.

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