It was the last session for the 40th edition of the Traversées de Lunel festival

It was the last session for the 40th edition of the Traversées de Lunel festival

A shock team for a 40th edition which won the votes of festival-goers. A.C.

It was the last session for the 40th edition of the Traversées de Lunel festival

The closing of Traversées took place within the Brassens space. A.C.

It was the last session for the 40th edition of the Traversées de Lunel festival

Le Trio Malata a donné de la voix sur les grands airs du cinéma. A. C.

Le générique de fin a défilé sur le grand écran de l’Espace Brassens, ce samedi 6 avril. Le palmarès de cette édition 2024 a également été révélé.

Around forty films, around a hundred people for the closing and probably more spectators than last year (around 6,000 in 2023): it’s on a balance sheet and figures positive that the 40th edition of the Traversées film festival drew the curtain, this Saturday evening, April 6, at the Espace Georges-Brassens.

Highlights, encounters, surprises and discoveries…

The event, organized and supported by the Pêcheurs d’images association, screened its first feature film on Friday March 29 to launch this spring break which gives pride of place to 7th art and puts the entire city of Lunel in the spotlight.

This year again, the programming was focused on what has made the identity of the festival since its creation: the Mediterranean axis. An essential ingredient to which are added two others that the municipal assistant for culture Corinne Poleri highlighted in her speech: "The passion and commitment of volunteers for cinema ."

Festival-goers and high school students there

A recipe that has nourished enthusiasts and amateurs alike, with close-ups, wide angles and zooms on favorites, particularly young female directors, on Moroccan cinema, which is experiencing its New Wave, with “extra-ordinary” encounters, in particular those with Magyd Cherfi, Faouzi Bensaïdi, Yasmine Benkiran or even Nora El Hourch.

Without forgetting the meetings dedicated to schools, in particular the Youth Cinema Meetings which took note and meaning within the walls of the Louis-Feuillade high school with students from Lunel, Nîmes, Orange and Narbonne.

It's the “Underpants” party…

At the end of the closing speeches of the 40th edition of the Traversées festival, the 2024 winners of the short films which competed were revealed at the Espace Georges-Brassens during the evening of this Saturday, April 6. The Boy and the Underpants, by Nicolas Sanchis, won the Audience Prize and is endowed with 500 & euro; granted by the Pêcheurs d’images association.

Green grass, by Élise Augarten, won over the high school students who awarded her their eponymous prize and the 500 € offered by the Louis-Feuillade high school. Finally, a special mention came rewarded Mon Tigre, by Jean-Jean Arnoux.

The Malata Trio and "Her Father's Daughter" in end credits

The closing evening, which began in a delicious way with an aperitif offered to festival-goers, continued with speeches for the occasion – in particular from the two co-presidents of Pêcheurs d’images Christian Savineau and Stanislas Demidjuk – and the revelation of the 2024 prize list for short films in competition (read in box).

L’image then gave way to sound with the arrival on stage of the Malata Trio for an a cappella performance of well-known cinema tunes. The Daughter of her father, a funny and profound comedy by Erwan Le Duc, launched the last film screening of this 40th edition before the last end credits of the end of the festival rolled on the big white screen.

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