It weighs 30 kg: region male starved his own mother. Video

Весит 30 кг: на Виннитчине мужчина морил голодом родную мать. Видео

Doctors say that the old woman was starved for several months. In Vinnytsia region in the hospital brought the 87-year-old woman’s own son nearly starved to death.

The old woman weighed only 30 kilograms, according to the with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

When half-dead Bronislaw Andrushchenko was taken to the hospital, a woman was struck by physicians.

“We have not seen, when a person is skin and bones,” admitted a doctor in the infectious disease Department of Kozaytyn RTSL Tatiana Chamicka.

According to her, all the organs are damaged from chronic malnutrition: the cardiovascular system, and nervous, and the gastrointestinal tract.

Doctors say that the old woman was starved for several months.

Neighbors are accusing a son – a 54-year-old Pavel Andruschenko. They say he terrorized the mother of years, were forced to go for vodka, otherwise it will hit her. The villagers said that the old woman was stopped on the street in the summer. Then they sounded the alarm.

Status of the old woman found out by accident. It was discovered in the house on my knees in a puddle of his own urine, the woman could not stand up.

A neighbor alerted about the incident and the Prosecutor’s office and police, and Council, and administration. All arrived, but Paul let them in the house refused. In the end, the policeman climbed out the window and found the old lady in a terrible state.

As told by the neighbors Andrushchenko, Paul began Dating a woman from a neighboring village. People suspect that “lover” wanted to get home, and her grandmother interfered.

Tatyana Kulikovskaya denies everything and claims that the land it is not necessary, and with Paul she had only friendly relations.

After interrogation, the police released Paul. Currently his village is gone, the house locked up.

The Prosecutor’s office clarifies the situation. Militiamen told that the opened criminal proceedings, and improper care of the old mother of the man sentenced to 6 months in prison.

In the comments to the story people are horrified to resent this attitude of the son to his mother.

“That bastard… we in the West normal Institute nursing home if not taken care of the children, then the property if you have to sell and the money + social assistance of the state to contain. And this is 5 years in prison, and the alienation of property, which relies grandma”;

“I just don’t know why to do so? I am against all that, but it would be better if he was not tortured, and sent to a better world. Because such suffering is worse than death. But how good that she was found and taken to the hospital. I hope she will recover. Of course, such people need in life. And actually, I think that five years or not at all for life in prison is useless. It is time to make only for all in prison to plant for something more than petty theft. Because people do not fix it in a place where fear reigns and the bigger horror of their acts”…

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