“It would be unlucky to catch the COVID-19” plane, according to an expert

«Il faudrait être malchanceux pour attraper la COVID-19» en avion, selon un expert

With the sanitary measures applied by the air carriers, it “would have to be unlucky to catch the COVID-19 in a device,” says the aviation expert and former pilot, Jean Lapointe.

Mr. Lapointe contends, inter alia, that the ventilation systems in the aircraft and control the quality of air on board aircraft.

“We know that the air in these big planes is changed twenty times per hour with fresh air. The filters are capable of killing bacteria and viruses up to 99 %”, he said in an interview with Benoît Dutrizac, on QUB radio.

Protective equipment for the crew, a small number of passengers on board, and contacts limited: the airlines have also put in place procedures to ensure the safety of the passengers, he assured.

LISTEN to the interview with the aviation expert and former pilot, Jean Lapointe:

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