Italy: a drug trafficker was hiding € 15 million behind a false wall

Italie: un trafiquant de drogue cachait 15 millions d’euros derrière un faux mur

Rome-The Italian police announced on Monday the seizure of 15 million euros in cash, hidden behind a false wall inside an apartment in Milan (north), belonging to a trafficker of drugs.

“Inside the apartment of the trafficker of drugs, ( … ), the agents have noted a discrepancy in the distances between two walls”, according to the press release of the police.

“By probing the wall, the police found that there had cavities and they were demolished. The discovery was spectacular: the wall was a fake ( … ), and concealed in the interstice 28 cartons with many wads of cash for an amount of approximately 15 million euros”, said the release.

The apartment was in the name of the father of Massimiliano Cauchi, considered as one of the main drug traffickers of the milanese area.

In another survey conducted by the justice of Bologna (center-north), Massimiliano Cauchi had already been condemned to a prison sentence for drug trafficking and was assigned to residence in waiting for the verdict in the last instance.

After the discovery of this huge pile, called the “input species the largest in the history of Italy” by The daily la Stampa, Mr Cauchi has lost the benefit of the house arrest and has been jailed.

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