Italy: Nurse arrested for falsely injecting COVID vaccines

Italy: nurse arrested for falsely injecting vaccines against the COVID


Police in Palermo, Italy, announced they arrested a nurse who allegedly gave anti-vaccine people the wrong shots of the COVID-19 vaccine.

This scheme was put in place so that these people could still obtain their health passport and thus have access to restaurants, the bar and public transport.

The authorities used a hidden camera to corner the nurse. On videos made public on Saturday, it is possible to see the woman, who works in a vaccination center in Palermo, filling the syringe with vaccine, before emptying its contents into a handkerchief, then pretending to inject it into the patients arm. 

The nurse, a 58-year-old woman, allegedly claimed herself to receive her third dose of the COVID vaccine with the help of a accomplice who allegedly used the same modus operandi. 

The woman is also facing charges of forgery and misappropriation. 

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