Italy: swimming pools and sports halls re-open, the déconfinement continues

Italie: piscines et salles de sport rouvrent, le déconfinement se poursuit

ROME | Finished the sport alone, at home or outside… swimming Pools and sports halls are re-opened their doors Monday in Italy, marking a new step in the déconfinement started three weeks ago.

A week after the green light to the reopening of bars and restaurants, some 10 million Italians who attend more or less regularly on the sports halls will again be able to go to sweat, provided, however, to reserve their place. Only two regions have delayed the reopening, the Lombardy region (North) to may 31, and the Basilicata (South) at the 3 June.

Wearing a mask will not be required during the exercises, but many rooms are going to impose it from the entrance to the dressing rooms.

Areas must be delineated around the devices to ensure two meters of distance during the physical activity, distributors of gel must be provided and the equipment must be disinfected after each use.

In the public pools and water parks, it is a space of at least 7 m2 per person which must be respected in the basin and a distance of at least a meter and a half between the sun loungers.

Also in the rooms the pools, the body temperature may be taken at the entrance (but this is not a requirement) and access prohibited from 37.5°.

Facilities managers must, in addition, keep the list of visitors for a period of 14 days, duration of incubation of the virus in order to be able to trace and isolate a potential positive case and its contacts.

Countries hard-hit by the pandemic COVID-19 has made more than 32 000 words in three months, Italy has accelerated its déconfinement last week, with the reopening of many shops, bars and restaurants.

The country plans to make a step further in the June 3, with the lifting of restrictions of travel between the regions and the reopening of its borders to european travellers, to allow the recovery of the sector of tourism capital for its economy.

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