Italy: two new outbreaks of coronavirus worried about Rome

Italie: deux nouveaux de foyers de coronavirus inquiètent à Rome

ROME | Two new outbreaks of coronavirus emerged in recent days in Rome, one in a hospital, the other in a building to squat that has been put in quarantine, raising concern of health authorities, a-t-on learned from several sources.

In total, these two new homes account for more than a hundred people infected, five deaths, reported to the health authorities of the Lazio region, the region of the Italian capital.

A first and primary home is located at the hospital San Raffaele Pisana, in the western outskirts of Rome, according to Alessio d’amato, the director of health for the Lazio region.

104 positive cases were recorded, for five deaths, including two in the last 24 hours, two women, 89 and 92 years, said Mr. d’amato.

Two technicians from the Rai television, has been in contact with the positive patients, were among those contaminated. The employees of the site on which they are working in the north of Rome are now being subjected to testing.

“The epidemiological investigation is ongoing, and will move up until the 1st of may “, with nearly 200 former patients recalled for tests.

“The vigilance is still very high and positive patients have all been transferred,” while the outbreak is “under control and seems to slow down,” said this same official.

A second outbreak occurred in a building next to a suburban district south of Rome, Garbatella, always according to the health authorities of the Lazio region.

Nine positive cases were identified, of which a peruvian family, a couple and their two children, and four of their close contacts. All of them have been transferred to the hospital, while the building has been quarantined and cordoned off by the police.

The cube-shaped building of eight floors, is occupied by a hundred people, mainly immigrants, nearly a hundred people who were banned from going out since Friday, and deliver of courses by the Red Cross.

According to the newspaper The Repubblica, there would now be a total of 17 positive people in this building, while the results of forty tests are still expected. Thirty inhabitants were moved elsewhere to escape the promiscuity.

The situation ” remains under control “, assured the health authorities, cited by the news agency Agi.

Italy has paid a very heavy price for the pandemic COVID-19 with 34 of 301 deaths, according to the last official report published on Saturday evening, and an economy to its knees.

The disease appears today to be controlled, in particular in Lombardy (north), the main focus in the country. The balance sheet daily life of the victims is going under the bar of the 100 dead, with a number of infections day-to-day limited.

The déconfinement began in early may, and Italy found himself slowly to his face before the pandemic, while the borders were re-opened on June 3 and as the foreign tourists will be able to come back this summer.

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