Italy: two siamese twins connected by the skull, operated on with success

Italie: deux jumelles siamoises reliées par le crâne opérées avec succès

Two siamese twins connected by the skull, and blood vessels have been cut several times and separated with success, said Tuesday the pediatric hospital of the roman Bambino Gesù who carried out the interventions.

“This is the first case in Italy, and probably unique in all the world, of a successful intervention on a couple of +craniopagie total posterior+, one of the most rare and most complex fusion cranial and cerebral,” the hospital said in a statement.

Preparations to separate the two sisters, Ervina and Prefina, from Bangui, central African republic, lasted for ” more than a year (…) and peaked with the three interventions are very delicate “, according to the same source.

“The last, the final separation took place on June 5 and lasted for 18 hours with the participation of more than 30 people between the doctors and the nurses “, said the release.

The two sisters had in common the bones of the skull, the skin, and a large part of the blood system, “which represented the most difficult challenge for the team of neurosurgery,” says the hospital.

The two sisters have different personalities, Prefina more playful and lively, Erfina more serious and observer, and the doctors have used a system of mirrors so that the two girls could see and recognize before the separation.

The two binoculars have celebrated ten days of their second anniversary in the presence of their mother who stayed with the girls since their arrival in Italy, in September 2018, in the framework of the humanitarian activities of international hospital.

This pairs of conjoined twins, is the fourth to be separated with success in this hospital.

According to the Bambino Gesù, the siamese states by the head are the most rare: 1 in 2.5 million live births.

Over the past 20 years, only two cases of siamese connected by the skull, and separated with success have been recorded in Europe, two in London, but with characteristics different from those of the sisters of the central african republic.

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