“Itchy, let’s grease”: Alibasov justified “dancing on the bones” Friske

"Чешется - пусть смажут": Алибасов оправдал "танцы на костях" Фриске

Bari Alibasov, photo: RIA NOVOSTI

today, 09:51

Producer Bari Alibasov commented on the scandal with the suburban restaurant, which owners erected a monument to Jeanne Friske. Native singer claims to have restaurateurs and declare that they thus insulted supporters Friske and her family.

Sister of the late actress Natalia Friske outraged that the monument is identical to the set on the grave of stars. The woman believes that the restaurant administration has offended fans of the actress and her family.

"Чешется - пусть смажут": Алибасов оправдал "танцы на костях" Фриске

Bari Alibasov, image: “MIR”

“People kindly refer to the memory of the beloved singer. In many restaurants there are monuments. I don’t know what is surprising, and to those who do not like their problem, apparently they itch, let him lubricate where needed,” said Alibasov. Bari Alibasov

Previously Natalia Friske reacted sharply to criticism from producer Joseph Prigogine. It hurt that many noticed as it exactly copies the image of sister Jeanne and earns her memory.

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"Чешется - пусть смажут": Алибасов оправдал "танцы на костях" Фриске

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