Itinerant Joliette want their refuge remains open

Des itinérants de Joliette veulent que leur refuge demeure ouvert

JOLIETTE | A refuge for the homeless, created temporarily during the health crisis is so appreciated by its users that they request that the service remains in place permanently.

“For once, a resource is open to everyone. In other hosting services, it is zero tolerance for substance abuse we put it out right away, ” says Karl.

The 31-year-old of no fixed address prefers not to give his surname and said speak in the name of the twenty users of the temporary refuge of Joliette.

“Here, all are welcome and we are receiving a personalised service. It feels safe, and many of us begin to take in hands. There was no service like this before, it really helps us, ” he continued.

The refuge was established on the 20th of march, in the basement of the church of Christ the King, with the collaboration of several community organizations in the area, which are in charge of providing bedding and food.

The project is being managed by the integrated Centre of health and social services (CISSS) of the Lanaudière region, which has unlocked a budget emergency.

Local loaned by the church

However, with the déconfinement, the tenants usual place wish to resume their activities, and the homeless fear that the shelter is closed.

In emergency Accommodation Lanaudière, in Joliette, the people must be in the process of reintegration in order to be accepted, and enter in a state of intoxication or of substance abuse is not tolerated.

Same thing at the Hostel in the Heart of Joliette. And people are also rejected due to the lack of available places.

The twenty beds in the refuge Christ the King comes to fill the spaces missing, and the stakeholders ‘ wish that he continues to exist.


Sébastien Trudel, director of the Home Oxygen Joliette-Lanaudière, which welcomes fathers and their children, confirmed that the actors involved are looking for solutions.

“It is true that there was no resource-type shelter with as little admission criteria. It also addresses the issue of number of seats. There is a lack of budget in the Lanaudière region, with, however, a problematic of homelessness present, ” he said.

“The middle has seen the success of this refuge, yet put in place quickly and we all would like that to continue. It is now necessary to find a solution to relocate and find the budget to make it work “, continues Mr. Trudel.

The CISSS Lanaudière has not responded to our interview requests.

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