“It’s 2”, “Prohibited” and Bernadette: what to watch this week 2-6 September

In rolling out the controversial biopic “Forbidden”

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"Оно 2", "Запрещенный" и Бернадетт: что посмотреть на этой неделе 2-6 сентября

Still from the trailer for the film “Forbidden”

In Ukrainian cinemas from September 5 you can see five new Prime Minister: the continuation of the horror film with Jessica Chastain and bill Skarsgard “It is 2”, the Ukrainian biopic “Forbidden”, a Comedy-drama tape with cate Blanchett “Where’d you go, Bernadette”, the animated film “Royal holidays” and the drama “the Light of my life”.

We bring you our selection of all the movie premieres, which will be released this week from 2 to 6 September 2019.

“It 2”

This is the sequel of the picture, which appeared on screens in 2017. Both parts adapted from the novel by Stephen king. The plot of the second part, the action takes place 27 years after the events described. After “the losers ‘Club” defeated Pennywise, the children stopped to chat with each other, gradually forgotten childhood horror and left town. But in the town again began to disappear children, it seems that It comes back every 27 years and is now back terrorizing the town of Derry.

“Forbidden” (“Zaboroneni”)

Ukrainian controversial biopic based on real events. The story takes place in 1985 around the poet-dissident Vasyl Stus, namely in the last period of his life. Poet of the sixties could not accept the position of Ukrainians in the Soviet Union and challenged the totalitarian regime of the USSR. Stus to send a link, but there spirit remains unbroken the poet: his poetry is permeated with patriotism. The death of Vasyl Stus in the camp for dissidents still remains a mystery.

“Where’d you go, Bernadette”

The film is based on the eponymous bestseller Maria Semple. Bernadette Fox is a successful architect living in a big and beautiful Seattle. She has a good family: her husband and teenage daughter. Bernadette is preparing to go on a Christmas journey to the Antarctic ice, but the trip each breaks down. At this point, myself and Bernadette disappears. About the fate of the mother cares for the daughter, who eventually learns a lot of unpleasant about his mother, her bleak past.

“Royal vacation”

His lordship, the Prince – heir to millions, has many thankless relatives. Once the Prince is on the street and here begins his Royal vacations. The dog realizes that he must return home to my comfort zone, but make it your own is beyond him. The Prince must find friends to get rid of annoying squirrels, and most importantly – to get away from an avid hunter who pursues his lordship at his heels.

“The light of my life”

The plot ten years since there are almost no women. A mysterious plague has destroyed almost all, and those who survived live in bunkers and guard as the Apple of his eye. The only girl that was free – Per. Together with his father they are hiding in the backwoods of North America, only occasionally stepping into the big cities. Father Paul’s hiding 12-year-old girl, giving her the boy, because the danger lurks every second, every step of the way. But Per Matures and her gender to hide all the more difficult.

Recall, the company Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer of the action movie “Terminator: Dark fate” (Terminator: Dark Fate).

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