It’s 3 : Pennywise soon return to the cinema ? The writer has ideas

Ça 3 : Pennywise bientôt de retour au cinéma ? Le scénariste a des idées

It’s 3 : Pennywise back soon ? The writer has ideas

It is not yet known if New Line Cinema would be ready to produce It 3, or if Andy Muschietti (the director) would come back behind the camera, but the writer of the previous film is already ready to write new stories with Pennywise.

In all logic, because It – Chapter 2 is the adaptation of the final book of Stephen King and that he has not written immediately, it is unlikely to revisit the terrible creature in the film. However, Gary Dauberman – screenwriter of this film, already opens the door to new adventures brought by Pennywise.

A third film for Pennywise ?

Interviewed by Comic Book Movie on the opportunity to continue the exploration of this universe, the author has confessed : “I think it is possible. (…) There are clearly elements of the novel that you can take and extend to make another film. It is just a question of ‘Is what people want to see it ?’“.

And obviously, while nothing has been announced about this, Gary Dauberman already knows where to go with such a project : “I really think that It was on this planet for a very very very long time, and there is a lot of carnage, and stories to tell [before]. I really think that you could do this“. Pennywise vs the cowboys, we can only validate.

Back to the past

Comments interesting, especially, are similar to those of Bill Skarsgård), the interpreter of the terrible clown. This summer, the actor confessed that he himself should be ready to resume his role with the condition to find a good story : “It would be a good approach for that. The film ends where the book ends, so this is the final chapter of this story. There is this interesting aspect of back in time before all this happens. There may be a story that deserves to be explored.

Remains only to convince Andy Muschietti (the director) and the studio of the interest of such a film. We believe in it.

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