“It’s a huge business, the State needs to panic” insists Samantha, whose daughter was a prostitute from 13 to 17 years old

“It’s a huge business, the State needs to panic” insists Samantha, whose daughter was a prostitute from 13 to 17 years old

Délia in the arms of her mother Samantha, February 15, 2024, in Hérault. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

This 43-year-old trader, who fought to never break the bond with her daughter, even in the most difficult times, is launching an appeal for awareness of this exploding phenomenon, with more 10,000 teenage girls who regularly prostitute themselves today in France. 

"We should put in place a structure for all these young girls who are trying to get out of the networks. With break-up stays, so that they can do new learning, sport, psychologists, doctors."

For four years, Samantha, 43, a trader in Hérault, has been fighting, often without result, to try to get her daughter out of the world of prostitution, in which she entered at age 13. "At that time I had fled domestic violence with my daughter and a suitcase, I work, she starts to rebel, we argue, and I gave up arms" she admits frankly.

"Keep in touch at all costs"

When Délia runs away, she remains without news for a long time. "It’s total anguish, the only thing a gendarme told me was to keep in touch at all costs. When he returned from his first runaway, we saw photos, announcements, prices, and videos in his phone that no parent should see."< /p>

Délia comes back, leaves after a few weeks. "She was declared a national fugitive, but the police said there was nothing she could do." So Samantha investigation with its own means. "I created fake accounts on Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram, I went to the sites where she posted her ads. I didn't let her go, I asked her to call me as often as possible. To me it's like she was brainwashed."

70% increase in five years

 Today, she would like the public authorities to act in the face of the scale of this phenomenon, which concerns more than 10,000 adolescent girls in France, and has increased by 70 % in five years. "The State needs to panic, it’s a huge business, which is very easy. That’s why all these girls do this. When we see that the police are satisfied with a copy of an identity card in a phone when they control a girl in a pimp environment, even though they are minors and on the run! ;That's also why they all wear the same makeup and hair the same" she emphasizes.

For her, the world of pimps who exploit these teenage girls is much more organized than it seems. "There is a triangle, Toulouse, Marseille, and Paris. These are all guys who know each other and pass these girls back and forth, and it starts at 14 or 15, because that's the right age to train them. And when we see these young boys, we would give them the good Lord without confession."

Families who are deprived

For the moment, Délia is with her, but both are subject to threats from the pimps she fled. "Faced with running away and prostitution, families are destitute. We must support mothers, and tell them not to sequester their child when they come home, otherwise it will be worse. We must try to speak, without taboo, without rushing them, but showing limits. But it’s very hard, and there’s no one to support us and hear us."

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