“It’s a prison”: Kamaliya caught in a scandal

The singer was criticized for swimming with dolphins

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Ukrainian singer Kamaliya rest in Turkey with children. Star is having fun and shares pictures with fans. However, not all reacted positively to some footage of Kamaliya.

So, the singer posted several photos with her daughters, where they swim with dolphins. But instead of likes, the actress received a huge batch of negative reviews of Internet users who came to the defense of the dolphins.

“… The Dolphinarium is a prison for dolphins… they are half of life do not live in such conditions… they steal the young of the sea from their mothers, then hard training, and then they die, never having lived in freedom,” write the subscribers.

It is noteworthy that some of the subscribers, the singer joined the discussion.

“… Unfortunately, in every business there is some injustice to other people, animals, nature. I hope it will be corrected soon,” replied Diana.

Earlier we wrote that Kamaliya has shared a rare photo with her father. And before that in the “Sravi way” on TV channel “Ukraine” Kamaliya told about the difficult childhood with his father, a sadist. It turned out that the man was beating his mother when she was little.

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"Это тюрьма": Камалия попала в скандал

"Это тюрьма": Камалия попала в скандал

"Это тюрьма": Камалия попала в скандал


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