“It's a shame to have faced Nick in the first game”

“It’s a shame we faced Nick in the first match»


It was a disappointed Daniil Medvedev who appeared before the journalists after his defeat against Nick Kyrgios.

The Russian, the world's number one racket, however knew that he had a heavy order on his hands in his first match of the tournament.

“Nick played very well, but the only thing that is disappointing is having faced him in my first match, underlined Daniil Medvedev in excellent French.

“He is in good shape and he is among the top 10, 15 players in the world. He is not seeded. It will take him a while to regain the necessary points, but it will happen soon.

“I didn't play badly. I missed a few shots in important moments. I did not have the feelings of the field and the tournament. I hate to lose, but that's part of the sport.”

In good condition

Like Kyrgios, Medvedev showed up in Montreal after winning a tournament. He got his hands on the crown in Los Cabos, Mexico last week.

Even so, he felt good for his clash against the Australian.

“Physically, I was pretty good,” he said. I ran well after the balls and my reactions were on point. Of course, there are a few small points that I will discuss with my coaches.

“Like many players, I had the feeling that I could have won this duel.”

Like Kyrgios, he feels the game has turned after being broken in the first game of the second set.

“When you win a tiebreaker, it can provide pace and quick chances in the next round. I didn't play this point well. I made a few mistakes while he made good shots. It gave him confidence.

“With Nick, you have to put constant pressure on him. You never know if he can crack or not. After all, he made the final at Wimbledon.”

Visit to Montreal

Medvedev will stay a few days in Montreal before heading to Cincinnati . An unusual situation for him as he often goes far in his tournaments. 

“It's not an easy decision because Cincinnati is a bit in the middle of nowhere,” Medvedev said. On the other hand, to stay in the city where you are eliminated, it is also difficult. 

“I will not return to the fields here. Maybe I'll have fun tomorrow (Thursday) in Montreal. I haven't seen much of the city during my current visits. 

“We don't know where we want to go yet. I will possibly fly to Cincinnati on Friday to start my preparation. I will have three or four days. I hope I can play well there.”